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Ray D'Amico

Ray D'Amico

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 1593843
99 Rosewood Dr, Ste 270, Danvers, MA 01923
Dial Phone Number
p: (978) 290-3094
o: (978) 705-3228
f: (855) 901-0760
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"Ray D'Amico is the best loan officer we have ever meet. His service unbelievable, either day or night. Our realtor recommended Ray to us and are we glad he did. The loan went smooth and Ray helped us through the paperwork. It was like he was a family member helping and guiding us through the forest. I can't say enough about Ray, he is the best your team has."

Jun 30, 2024


"Ray stayed on top of this transaction from start to finish and at the end when there was a little issue to iron out Ray and attorney Doug Johnson were all over it and got it resolved so we could close on time! I have used Ray several times for client's financing with excellent results each time."

Jun 25, 2024


"Ray was very easy to work with. He was quick to answer our questions and give us as much assistance as possible through this process."

Apr 17, 2024
Ray D'Amico
Ray D'Amico
Loan Officer
Wondering how much home you can afford? Let’s talk about your next move!
99 Rosewood Dr, Ste 270, Danvers, MA 01923
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NMLS # 1593843

State License #ME, MA-MLO1593843, NH