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Millennial Mama – Mortgage Michelle

There is so much to do and only one life to live it. We are all so busy juggling family, friends, work, adventure, and personal enrichment. Many are blessed to know they have a place to go back to each night – a place to call home.

That’s where I fit in this life – showing people and families their ability to own a home and helping them through every step along the way, through all the messiness of life, until finally we find that dream home and get keys in hand.


I am your average, slightly weird Millennial who is also a mother of 2, daughter of divorce, and sister of 5. I grew up in the middle class and am so thankful for the hard-working attitude my father instilled in me throughout childhood and the empathy and listening skills my mother continues showing me to this day. I consciously improve my character with these “tools” every day in both my personal and work life.

Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself (John Dewey)

I am so proud to be a Mortgage Loan Officer, Consultant, Originator. When I first started working in this industry I rented my place of living and moved every six months to a year. I was afraid to own a home. Fast forward a year and a half and I bought my first home for just $300 out of pocket using a zero-down program.

Difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations

There is a lot of paperwork involved in getting approved for a home loan these days. I remember how difficult it was to juggle the regular duties of life – friends, family, work, fun – while going through the home loan process. I struggled with dreams of mountains of paperwork and lost documents and loan officers who didn’t call me back. I constantly worried and felt like I wasn’t “in-the-know” about what was happening with my home loan, and thus my family’s future.

Don’t give to get – Give to inspire others to give

Removing these worries and confusions from the families I help into homes makes me so proud to be who I am. I get it. I understand that there is SO MUCH MORE to life then jumping through hoops to get a home loan. Let’s just find some stability and get a head start on this next exciting chapter in our lives already. The hard part should be moving – not the process of getting approved for a home loan.

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