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Michael Mccormack headshot

Michael McCormack

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 1607689
106 & 108 Parliament Dr, Maryville, TN 37804
Dial Phone Number
p: (865) 324-3434
f: (865) 263-0090
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"Michael is the GOAT of VA lending, did things other banks dream they could! This man got it done quick, he deserves a back rub every night, he’s the boogey man to other brokers, he’s stealing their competition. When other brokers go to bed they have nightmares that their buyers find Michael cause he’s getting that house CLOSED!"

May 06, 2024


"Michael and team were always available for questions and made the process easy."

Apr 18, 2024


"I felt like there was undue burden placed on the buyer to prove income would cover loan after adequate documentation already supplied. I also felt like the mortgage agency was very intrusive into areas that should be off limits when it comes to family members that were not on the loan application. What is the purpose of a good credit score, long stable work history, W2’s that have to be reverified to make sure they are not fabricated that should make process much easier. This very industry that created the 2008 financial crises is now making it so arduous for people with a clean background to get a mortgage."

Mar 10, 2024
Michael Mccormack headshot
Michael McCormack
Loan Officer
Wondering how much home you can afford? Let’s talk about your next move!
106 & 108 Parliament Dr, Maryville, TN 37804
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NMLS # 1607689

State License #FL-LO67754, TN-193220