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Mandie Mills

Mandie Mills

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 1733038
trusted by homeowners everywhere

Stephanie G, HOMEBUYER

"Mandi and Dana was more than amazing they were always available when I needed them and gave us some excellent advice when it came to our closing. Mandi treated us as family and we’re more than grateful to have had Mandi as a loan officer."

Feb 19, 2024


"Mandie is the absolute best! She made this process seamless for my client and I. My client is a first-time home buyer, and this was my first real estate closing. Mandie was very patient with all of our questions, and she educated us both along the way. She went above and beyond to communicate each step of the process. This was truly an amazing and rewarding experience for us all. I look forward to working with Mandie on many more future transactions."

Feb 15, 2024


"Very professional was only a phone or email away very quick response back and walk me through the process along with my realtor"

Feb 01, 2024


"Mandie, Dana, and there team was amazing they made buying our house so stress free . Every time I call her or Dana they answer the phone they care of so much for us it brings me to tears how they really cared about us and our experience. Mandie gets a 10 of 10 in my book and I would recommend her to everyone I know she is awesome!!"

Jan 27, 2024


"I learned that the Babylonians created the days of the week. Perhaps that is wrong but I didn't spend 10 seconds at Google University for you to challenge my edumacation. So yeah- Those Babylonians got it wrong. For sure, they meant "Mandie when they said "Monday". That makes much more sense to me, as only something or someone, as illuminating My loan officer, Mandie Mills is second to none. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart, Mandie picked up our file- or adopted us, when she was just 3 weeks shy of leaving her company. She later shared with me that it was something about me that made her want to help us wanted to tell her that there was something about HER that let me know she was going to be the one to change this gloomy outlook of ours. It was her! This was our second time purchasing a home. We wanted this one to be our forever home, so every step of the way we were dedicated and ON IT. Every step of the way. Mandie was one step ahead of us. She is diligent, genuine, HONEST, and earned our trust from the beginning. Although we did our best to maintain boundaries and respect her work hours, Mandie always made me feel like questions were welcomed and that I was not a bother. That is what not only makes a great loan officer- but a great human. Simply put, you have your greats and then you have your GOATS. Neither of their talents take away from the other's, but for sure, Mandie Mills in a league of her own"

Sep 01, 2023

Khali Abria G, HOMEBUYER

"Mandie was awesome and closed in less than 30 days!"

Aug 08, 2023

Cecil Kordell B, HOMEBUYER

"Our experience with Mandie and her staff at Thrive Mortgage was better than good, it was actually GREAT....exceptional. It was extremely important for me to conduct business with a company that understood my needs, wants and ability to obtain the outcome we desired. We worked with Mandie as a team to arrive at today's destination. Mandie and her staff are professional, courteous, attentive and knowledgeable about every phase of the lending process and some...her services are prompt and times and her communication was clear and very easy to understand. Mandie always made herself available to address our questions and concerns. I value and appreciate good service and that is exactly was we received."

Jul 31, 2023


"The process was seemless and efficient, and the staff was very professional."

Jul 26, 2023

Sarah Quattlebaum H, HOMEBUYER

"Mandie was very responsive to all my questions. She made sure everything went smoothly"

Jul 17, 2023
Mandie Mills
Mandie Mills
Loan Officer
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4714 Oleander Dr, Ste A, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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NMLS # 1733038

State License #AL-89335, FL-LO71505, GA-65334, MO-1733038, NC-I-183625, SC-MLO - 1733038, TN-1733038