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Request a Netted Escrows Payoff Quote

For internal use only.

This functionality is only available to Movement Ops/Sales. Clients are welcome to obtain a normal payoff quote directly from our landing page:

Request a quote netting the escrow balance from the total payoff amount for any loan currently serviced by Movement (subserviced by ServiceMac).

Looking for a payoff quote for a mortgage loan?

Remember, your payoff amount may differ from your current balance.

Please note that when the request is made, automatic escrow disbursement and escrow analysis stops are placed on the client’s active loan. This is to prevent an escrow disbursement being made between the time the quote is requested and when the payoff funds are received, that may result in a negative balance and cause the payoff funds to no longer pay the loan in full.

In an effort to minimize the potential impact of the stops, the good through date is only available 14 days out from the date of request.