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Let’s revisit some of our fave blog posts of 2022

By: Mitch Mitchell
December 28, 2022

What a year! 

We published over 65 blog posts this year and tons of press releases showcasing Movement's new hires and promotions. So we thought we'd kick back with some leftover egg nog and yule-tide cheer and reminisce about our favorite blog posts of the last 12 months. 


Here are 6 blogs that we especially enjoyed bringing to you.


1 – Your loan was approved with conditions. Here's what that means.

We started the year off with a message for first-time homebuyers. Being pre-approved for a home loan doesn't mean you're free and clear. Once you apply for a mortgage, the lender submits your application to processing, where your financials are reviewed. If your application comes back as “conditionally approved,” it means that an underwriter has evaluated all the documentation you've provided and is giving you a thumbs up — providing that you satisfy your lender's requests for additional information. 

Take a read and check out our list of common conditions that could possibly hold up your home loan approval.


2 –  Key considerations if buying new construction in 2022 

In March, we wrote about how newly constructed homes were an option for many families flush with pandemic-related savings accounts. Thanks to supply chain issues, construction materials were a little pricey and there were fewer newly-built homes on the market — again, due to pandemic labor shortages. But the industry is now catching up with demand and this blog is still relevant to potential buyers of new construction. Inside, you'll find tips on how to get pre-approved, why the model home is merely a suggestion, questions to ask your builder, how long you can expect to wait (and how that affects your interest rate) and why you shouldn't skip the inspection.

Don't underestimate your purchasing power. Read this blog to see if your next home could be newly built.


3 – Yes, you can buy a home if you have student loans

By May, we had college graduations on our minds. And that led us to consider how new homebuyers with student loans might have difficulty coming up with cash for a down payment or satisfying a lender's requirements to get approved for a mortgage. We discussed tips on what to emphasize in your application, how to overcome the annoying fact that you have student debt and ways to improve your credit score.

Want to learn more? Check out the details here.


Let's revisit some of our fave blog posts of 2022


4 – Two dozen mid-summer yard sale tips 

Depending on where you live in the country, it may still be perfectly fine weather for a tag sale. We feel like any time is a good time to redistribute the clutter filling your house. And if you play your cards right, you could walk away with a little extra cash in your pocket. Are you anticipating a move and want to thin out your belongings so there's less to pack? Did you recently move and bring too much stuff with you? If so, we think there's a yard sale, garage sale or stoop sale in your future. And this blog has all the advice you need to know to make it a successful one. 

From marketing strategically to pricing realistically, see all 24 tips


5 – Why condominiums can be a good choice for first-time homebuyers 

The condo market is still on fire, especially since single-family homes were hard to come by in the — dare we say — latter days of the pandemic. With so many people able to work from home while living just about anywhere in the country, lots of condominiums went up in cities and suburbs that never had much choice in the past. Former apartment dwellers know that condos have a lot of advantages! And now, you do, too.

Find out more in this blog from back in September! 


6 – How to keep your new dog safe in your new home 

There's nothing like the joy of being a dog owner. And there's nothing like the frustrations of having a dog that can tear apart the house in a hot second. But, while you pay the monthly bills, it's your dog's home, too. So we scratched together some tips on ensuring your home is a safe place for your pooch — filled with plenty of walks, playtime, toys and cuddles. In fact, we went room-by-room with some great pet-proofing ideas to get you started.

Our tour begins in the kitchen, which can be way too tempting! 


That's all we've got for 2022!

These half-dozen blog posts are just the ones we got the biggest kick out of writing. There are dozens more covering an array of topics — from homeowner tips for single parents to understanding how much of your salary should go towards purchasing a home to what to know about homeowners insurance. Enjoy the New Year, everyone, and if you are a prospective homebuyer with questions about home financing, please reach out to one of our local loan officers in 2023!

black and white photo of Mitch Mitchell
Author: Mitch Mitchell

Mitch Mitchell is a freelance contributor to Movement's marketing department. He also writes about tech, online security, the digital education community, travel, and living with dogs. He’d like to live somewhere warm.