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Purge Before You Pack: 8 Ways to Lighten Your Moving Load

By: Danielle Flynn
October 9, 2017

Congratulations; you're moving! Within a few months, you've closed on your new home, sold your old place and now you're ready to begin the daunting task of dun, dun, dun… PACKING.

If you're like most of us, you have closets and drawers full of things you haven't used in years, and the thought of packing it all up is overwhelming. So, why not use the weeks before your move to declutter?

Need a little help? We've compiled a list of eight ways to purge before you pack:

Yard Sale It

It's a tried-and-true method for cleaning out your home. Yard sale shoppers are generally looking for steals, so focus on selling items of lower value and use free advertising sites like Craigslist to generate foot traffic. Household trinkets, baby clothes, accessories and toys, and older clothes usually sell quickly at yard sales, especially if the price is right.Purge Before You Pack: 8 Ways to Lighten Your Moving Load

Sell it Virtually

Think online selling sites like VarageSale and Let Go. These sites are ideal for gently-used, higher end items like those trendy handbags you no longer carry, older models of new technology or other items that you bought at full price and are still in good condition. Use your Facebook account to easily cross-post on several sites to increase visibility.

Consider Consignment

Consignment is the best option for those who like the idea of selling without the fuss of coordinating the sale. Consignment shops do the work for you (for a small fee) and generally acceptdesigner clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Items that aren't sold within a given timeframe are returned back to you – so, no harm, no foul.

Charitably Donate

With the recent natural disasters, places like Texas, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico are in desperate need of the basics. Some in those areas have lost everything, including some of the items on your "get rid of" list. While contributing monetarily is generally preferred, some local charities accept other donations. Household items like bedding and toiletries come in handy, along with clothing and shoes. Contact the charity first to make sure your donation matches their need.Purge Before You Pack: 8 Ways to Lighten Your Moving Load

Support the Schools

While purging, you may come across school and art/craft supplies you no longer use. Why not share them with local schools? Several organizations accept school supplies for teachers as well as for homeless and low-income children. Also, check with local schools and colleges as they may accept donations directly.

Remember the Victims

You can always find people to help at nearby shelters. Clothing for women and children are usually of desperate need, particularly in domestic violence situations. Some victims leave their homes with only the clothes on their back, so help them out. Shelters readily accept clothing and shoes for women and children, as well as toiletries like shampoo and conditioner, body wash and lotion.

Timeshare It

If you don't use it often, share it with a friend or neighbor in need. Items like power tools and sewing machines are great examples. Store the item at their place and make arrangements to borrow it as needed. Two birds, one stone.Purge Before You Pack: 8 Ways to Lighten Your Moving Load

Barter It

Have a friend or relative with a new hobby or craft? Help them get started. Gift an older digital camera to an aspiring photographer in exchange for a family photo session, or a set of tools to a handyman friend in exchange for an odd job around the house. Help them, help you.

With just a little creativity, you can simplify your move, help others out and make a little extra cash along the way. Just do some research and enjoy the results when you move.

Danielle Flynn taking a photo with man
Author: Danielle Flynn

As a Movement blog contributor, Danielle Flynn gets to mix her healthy obsession for creative, high-quality writing with a background in financial services. She's a native Charlottean and UNC Charlotte grad who splits her writing time with wedding and event planning. When she's not working, Danielle volunteers in a weekly Bible education ministry and enjoys traveling the world with her husband and spending time with family and friends.