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Movement uplifts communities $10,000 at a time

By: Movement Staff
July 8, 2016

When Kristi Nowrouzi learned that a nonprofit she loves would receive $10,000 from the Movement Foundation, she responded with the decorum you'd expect from a loan officer.

She shouted "WOOOHOOOO!!!!"

In a Facebook Live video earlier this summer, CEO Casey Crawford called Nowrouzi, who works at Movement's Orlando, Fla., branch, and told her that iDignity, a nonprofit serving the homeless and disadvantaged, was the latest winner of the Movement Foundation's 10K Challenge.

The campaign aims to give $10,000 each month to charities and nonprofits that matter most to Movement team members, and jibes with the company's mission to love and value people.

So far, grants have gone to groups that operate clubs and camps for abused and abandoned children, nonprofits battling human trafficking and organizations helping the homeless get their hands on essential legal documents and records, such as birth certificates and Social Security cards.

To nominate, Movement employees submit a short video about the nonprofit or ministry of their choice. The foundation then chooses a winner each month for the $10,000 grant, based on how the money will be used to bring light, life and hope to those in need.

Nowrouzi (who may or may not have done a happy dance) told Crawford, via telephone, that she filmed her video while working with iDignity at an event in March. She recalled the charity helping a homeless veteran whose benefits had been rescinded and his wallet stolen.

"Because of his ID being reissued, Social Security card being reissued, he can now go and get benefits reinstated and get a home," she said.

"It is our distinct privilege to come along beside you and amplify the great work that you guys are already doing," Crawford said. "Thanks for leading the way."

Author: Movement Staff

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