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Whether you’re moving into a new house or wanting to spruce up your current one, adding personal touches can transform any house into a home. Personalization cultivates a connection to the house and invites others into the story of your life.

We flipped through Pinterest and found some ideas that might inspire. 

One way to make a house your home is to display mementos and hobbies. Do you love to read books? Dedicate one wall to housing all of your favorite books.  A memento of your child’s artwork, personal souvenirs from a trip, or a photo map of states that you’ve visited are all interesting ways of keeping those memories alive.

A height chart is a timeless witness to your children’s journey from tiny toddlers to fast growing teenagers. Pro tip:  A removable height chart ruler preserves the keepsake from home to home.

One of the most popular ways to create the right-at-home feeling is displaying pictures. Fill a wall in your new home with photos of the ones you love.

A unique twist on personalizing a house is making your mark on it, literally. Engraving initials or words on furniture form a lasting bond in your home.

Many DIY projects drape your home in personality. And don’t forget about outside accents, either. Personalize your doormat or paint your front door a standout color to create distinct character. The world is your oyster!


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