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Meet the Klatts

Before house hunting, the Klatts did their homework to make sure they were pre-approved so that their offer meant more. Even in a crazy San Diego market, they closed on a great home they love.

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Meet Kim

This Asheville, N.C., Loan Officer loves Movement’s great operations, nimble loan officer assistants and sharp leadership. It affords her time for what's most important — connecting with her clients.

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Meet Summer

She’s a 3rd grade student at Movement Schools, a free, public charter school network Movement supports through its foundation.

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Simple. Quick. Stress free.

Like moving home should be.

We give away our profits.

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Yes, really. With no Wall Street investors to repay, almost half of our profits go to Movement Foundation to help uplift our communities.

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Movement Foundation

Bringing life, light and hope to communities. The Movement Foundation is the legal entity we work through to  honor our commitment of loving our neighbor as ourselves.

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Movement Schools

Teaching world-class academics. Movement Schools is a free, public charter school network serving areas that have historically lacked access to education options.