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There’s Borrow Amateur and there’s Borrow Master.

We want you to be a Borrow Master. This is how you do it.

Beware of the old way to buy a house. We’ll call this the, “let’s pretend you have nothing else to spend your money on but a mortgage” way. 

It goes like this:

  • You apply for a loan and get something called a pre-qualification, which is often based on the loan officer’s best guess.
  • You go under contract on a house based on this guess, but you feel good about it because a loan officer told you unicorns fly out of fairy dust and everything is going to be okay.


  • You dig up a ton of documents. Way later than the lender cares to admit, your file shows up on the underwriter’s desk. They find a problem.
  • You face delays and disappointment. Somewhere in the world, a unicorn fails to fly out of a fairy’s dust.
  • Eventually, you are approved for a loan.This is where you cross your fingers that a best guess, delays and disappointment somehow still led to a good loan for you.



Instead, choose the “let’s be a grown-up about this borrowing money thing” way. It’s how Movement Mortgage helps you make #ASmarterMove

  • You still apply through a loan officer, but we don’t deal in fairies and unicorns. We want you to get a great house, but also be smart about this big decision.
  • The first smart thing we do is send your application straight to an underwriter, the professional most qualified to give you an accurate decision. Oh, and you can use your phone to get the info instead of wading through files like “The Waltons” through goodnights.

thewaltons-1Aiming for a goal of six hours, we give qualified borrowers our version of a pre-approval called a conditional loan commitment, and it’s based on facts – not wishing on kitten whiskers. We call it Upfront Underwriting. It’s how we take a hard look at your information from the start, which helps us help you make the best borrowing decision.

  • Then, when you find a home that not only suits you, but is realistic for your budget, we can get right to finalizing the mortgage, thanks to our seven day processing goal.

And THAT’S how you become a Borrow Master.


*Illustrations by Todd Cook; animations by Taurin Hurley





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