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Tammi Rowe

Tammi Rowe

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
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Movement Mortgage Announces New Program to Help Builders & Buyers Navigate a Difficult Market

By: Movement Team
November 11, 2023
INDIAN LAND, S.C. – [12/11/23] – Movement Mortgage, national top 10 retail mortgage lender*, is excited to introduce the Secure & Sell program for builders, designed to empower builders in today's historically challenging housing market. This strategic initiative comes in response to the challenges posed by a high-interest rate environment, offering new home builders a unique solution to enhance the attractiveness and affordability of their housing inventory.


The Secure & Sell builder program allows builders to buy down and/or lock in rates for their properties. The program enables them to offer competitive rates and closing cost assistance, ultimately setting their homes apart in a competitive market.

Buyers, in turn, benefit from rate confidence. With one free rate float down, a financing option that allows borrowers to obtain a lower interest rate if market rates decrease**, they can secure a rate with confidence, knowing they’re getting a competitive rate.

The program offers an advantageous lock time frame, allowing builders to secure rates for up to 120 days***. This extended period provides ample time for builders to market and sell their homes effectively, maximizing the program's benefits.

Moreover, Secure & Sell for builders caters to diverse buyer needs, accommodating 30-year Conventional, VA and FHA loans****. This flexibility can ensure that the program meets the preferences of a wide range of potential homebuyers.

Terry Barrett, Director of Movement's National Builder Division, conveyed excitement about the groundbreaking program, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the Secure & Sell program to our valued builder relationships. This innovative initiative exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions in a rapidly changing housing market. By empowering builders with the ability to enhance home affordability and attract a broader pool of buyers, we're revolutionizing how builders navigate the complexities of today's real estate landscape. Secure & Sell for builders aligns seamlessly with our dedication to industry-leading mortgage products and reinforces our mission to support our partners at every stage of the construction cycle.”

Builders and interested parties seeking additional information on the Secure & Sell builder program are encouraged to reach out to their dedicated Movement Mortgage loan officer or visit

*According to 2023 Scotsman Guide **The float down must occur no later than 15 days and no earlier than 45 days prior to the closing date. Pricing includes builder's previously paid discount if applicable. ***Builder must execute a contract to sell the property and the buyer must submit a loan application on or before 45 days prior to the lock expiration date. 90 or 120 day rate lock options with a one-time rate lock fee. ****Rates may vary depending on the program chosen by the borrower.


About Movement Mortgage, LLC ("Movement")

Movement exists to love and value people by leading a Movement of Change in its industry, corporate cultures and communities. A national top 10 retail mortgage lender, Movement funded more than $20 billion in residential mortgages in 2022. Movement is best known for its innovative mortgage process and referable experience, which begins with upfront underwriting and a seven-day loan processing goal. The company employs over 4,500 people, has more than 550 branches in the U.S. and is licensed in 50 states. After funding its balance sheet and investing in future growth, Movement's profits are used to support the Movement Foundation. To date, the Movement Foundation has received more than $370 million of the Movement's profits to invest in schools, communities and global outreach. For more information, visit

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Author: Movement Team

About Movement Mortgage, LLC (“Movement”)

Movement is not just a mortgage company – they’re an Impact Lender and force for positive change. With more than 4,000 teammates across all 50 states, they reinvest the majority of our profits back into the communities they serve. Movement is the 10th ranked top-producing residential mortgage company in the U.S., funding more than $20 billion in residential mortgages annually. The company has contributed nearly $400 million to the Movement Foundation since 2012, funding the Movement Schools network, affordable housing projects and global outreach efforts. For more information on Movement and Impact Lending, visit .


Tammi Rowe
Tammi Rowe
Loan Officer
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NMLS # 117643

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