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Rick Bennett headshot

Rick Bennett

Team Lead Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 1742335
trusted by homeowners everywhere


"Rick and his Team did a great job! The loan was challenging from the start and as we neared the closing date the last-minute pressure was on Rick and his entire team. Once all funds for the buyer were verified they had only 3 days to review the file, balance with the title company, and close on the scheduled date. Everyone was on edge as we waited for Rick and his team to pull off the 'Hail Mary". I look forward to working together again! A very hearty THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to Rick and his TEAM! Melinda Ray lpt Realty"

May 13, 2024

Cesiliana N, HOMEBUYER

"Have more communication during the process is good. Update the customer all the time with the stage of the process and inform the next step. There were times when I did not have current information available. The agent did not provide enough information or offer different scenarios. Discussing the final numbers before the closing date is key for the customer to be ready. (It did not happen in my case. I receive the final numbers last minute)"

May 08, 2024


"Excellent experience working with Rick. He rose to the occasion and went above and beyond to make it happen for my clients. Buyers are very appreciative and very happy."

May 08, 2024


"Rick did everything possible to get my loan ready for closing day. His communication every day was excellent. His way of explaining different loans was amazing. Would definitely recommend him to anyone."

Apr 29, 2024


"Rick was very communicative and was quick to respond to all questions. Rick managed to find various offers and grants that I was eligible for, and made closing extremely easy"

Apr 24, 2024


"Clear and instant communication with Rick. Rick was always accessible and patient, he had to explain things over and over and over again knowing I did not know anything about mortgages. I would recommend him over and over again."

Apr 04, 2024


"I had a great experience with Rick. He and his team effectively communicated all of my options to me and were always available. I was able to get my mortgage quickly and painlessly thanks to their expertise."

Mar 21, 2024


"Rick is my go to person when it comes to any lending inquiries. So far all my clients that I referred to Rick have been very happy!"

Mar 20, 2024


"Always answering the phone and acting on everything immediately."

Mar 07, 2024
Rick Bennett headshot
Rick Bennett
Team Lead Loan Officer
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180 Alt 19, Ste B, Palm Harbor, FL 34683
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NMLS # 1742335

State License #FL-LO54332