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Regina Jeter

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 1124278
trusted by homeowners everywhere


"Always a pleasure working with Regina! My client’s discussed at length how smoothly the transaction was compared to other experiences and a large part was attributed to Regina’s efforts!!!"

Jun 08, 2024


"Regina was fantastic from start to finish. Everything was explained well, she had ready answers to my questions, and her guidance through the process was really appreciated."

Jun 07, 2024


"Regina was very responsive to all of our needs and questions throughout the process. We struggled finding the right loan for our unique needs and Regina came with some very creative ideas for our loan and helped us lock in our rate as the perfect timing. Regina is a true pro!"

May 08, 2024


"5 stars, 11/10 experience! My Partner and I were so excited to buy a house, but super overwhelmed with learning everything we needed to know about the loan process. One thing that stood out from the start is that Regina was the only person who offered to do intro video call. It put a kinda face to the process, and we became attached to her. She spent extra time acquainting us with what to expect. We accidentally found a house we loved our first day of looking (was supposed to be a "homework run"), and put an offer in. I was astounded by Regina's integrity when she told us that she would not be able to service our loan because she could not get the interest rate and price low enough to be competitive with the other mortgage companies we were shopping around with (at that time). I really appreciated her integrity, and when that house fell through due to a discovered sewage issue, we knew we wanted to use her when we found the next house, even if it meant her rate was slightly higher than the others. When we found the house that we ended up purchasing, She ended up getting us the best interest rate we had seen in the whole 3 month search! Every step of the way, Regina was there to hop on a call, walk me and my partner through the worksheets, and was way on top of things reaching out about potential issues so we would know what to expect. Another thing that really stood out is all the extra details she provided when we were trying to figure out how to raise our credit scores a couple of points. Regina is kind, easy to talk to, thoughtful, patient, and I hope you know how big of a difference she made in our house buying experience! She was is our fairy-loan-mother and we will sing her praises until the end of our mortgage!"

Apr 05, 2024


"I have been working with Regina for many years now. She always exceeds my expectations every time I close a deal with her!"

Mar 29, 2024


"Regina maintained our relationship over 2 years while we attempted to buy, gave up then tried again. I was able to close on a great property due to her efforts to make the numbers work. I can’t recommend her and her team enough!"

Mar 18, 2024


"Regina was great every step of the way. She helped make the deal possible and was in contact with us every step of the process. Regina is a miracle worker!"

Nov 16, 2023


"Regina worked with me through my entire home buying process, providing financing options for houses I was considering, with different options for financing. She sent spreadsheets that I could work with myself to adjust amounts. She checked in with me about how things were going, and was warm and human throughout."

Aug 01, 2023


"Regina is professional yet friendly and is always available."

Jul 17, 2023
Regina Jeter profile image
Regina Jeter
Loan Officer
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10814 Jollyvillle Rd, Ste 180, Austin, TX 78759
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NMLS # 1124278

State License #TX