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Miguel Davila

Miguel Davila

Market Leader
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 217014
trusted by homeowners everywhere


"Miguel and David were helpful and thorough, and also explained the process every step of the way."

Oct 04, 2023


"What made it great was the loan process with all the little hints and sections would explain what it was you were applying for, and also the communication and advice we would get from Mr Davila"

Jul 07, 2023


"Excellent service, great communication, super recommended. Very happy for your support and your way of explaining."

Jun 05, 2023


"Disponibilidad para explicar de manera muy clara cualquier duda. Dispuesto a ayudar. Excelente servicio."

Mar 01, 2023


"Miguel and Braulio went above and beyond with my process, canโ€™t believe the quality of excel service, havenโ€™t seen like this in a while."

Nov 01, 2022


"There was some miscommunication between the assistants in requesting documents they already had. Also we could have been finished in a timely manner if they accepted the transaction history from the start instead of waiting on a bank statement and at the end accepted the transaction history so the week wait for the bank statement was for nothing."

Jul 27, 2022


"This is the second time I use Miguel Davila and team as my lender. Very helpful and knowledgeable team. Communication was constant throughout the whole process."

Jun 13, 2022

Chrystian G, HOMEBUYER

"Miguel and his team were great to work with, and made the process as smooth as possible. They were patient with all of our questions and never made us feel like we were asking silly questions, they understood that while they are professionals and do this for a living, we were not. That was very much appreciated. Thank you, Miguel, and everyone else."

May 27, 2022


"I thank him and his team so much, they made this process very smooth and super fast within 3 weeks my husband and I were able to close on our new home. We were given the run around from bank lender since January 2022. We met Davila and his Team on March, they were willing to work with us and made this process professionally, fast and smooth. We finally got to close our home at the end of March. Whoo-hoo!!! So happy with your service you guys are AWESOME!!!! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–"

Apr 15, 2022
Miguel Davila
Miguel Davila
Market Leader
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7878 Gateway Blvd E, Ste 203, El Paso, TX 79915
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NMLS # 217014

State License #NM, TX