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Margo Levi

Margo Levi

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 803690
08-C South Jefferson Ave, West Jefferson, NC 28694
Dial Phone Number
p: (336) 283-6339
f: (336) 306-5087
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"We have worked with Margo (this is our third mortgage) several times and she has a great team , Lisa Stanley jer assistant was also very helpful. I liked the mortgage portal to follow the progress of the loan process. My only complaint would be the underwriting process, we have worked with your mortgage company for many years and have proven ourselves to be a extremely reliable clients, however we felt we were asked to provide some pretty petty items. some of this is specific to Fanny Mae rules so its was understood, however continuing clients should be giving some latitude as the best business is return business and referrals."

Apr 12, 2024
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An Impact Lender guarantees that at least 10% of their profits go to lifting up communities. As the leading Impact Lender in the US, Movement gives nearly 50% of our profits!

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Margo Levi
Margo Levi
Loan Officer
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08-C South Jefferson Ave, West Jefferson, NC 28694
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NMLS # 803690

State License #NC-I-166054, TN-177757, VA-MLO-31452VA