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Linda Bunce headshot

Linda Bunce

Senior Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 30963
trusted by homeowners everywhere


"Linda is the best and so helpful and knowledgeable!"

Apr 05, 2024


"Linda was always there for us to answer questions and help us find the team we needed to help get our house. She had the best recommendation from the realtor, lawyer, etc. We were so pleased with her every step of the way through our process ."

Mar 02, 2024


"Linda was amazing to work with (once again) she is always available and keeps everything moving along! I would give her 10 +++ stars"

Mar 01, 2024


"I really appreciated Linda's advice based on her experience, and she was really calm and made me feel comfortable through the whole process! The only thing that bummed me out was the feeling of "hurry up and wait". We would have a period of no communication (which is fine) but then all of a sudden the Movement team (not Linda in particular) would email us at the end of the day saying they needed documents within 24 or 48 hours, which I felt was unreasonable time frames. It just felt like the Movement team was unaware that all moving parts, including other professionals like insurance providers, have other clients to take care of and we were not their only concerns. I understand that this particular closing date was rushed, but I didn't choose the closing date myself, and my husband and I provided documents in the most reasonable timeframe we could make possible, so for future clients, I would encourage Movement to consider their time constraints and be more reasonable."

Nov 30, 2023


"Linda and he team were really on top of everything and helped us through the entire process."

Oct 03, 2023

Christopher D, HOMEBUYER

"Linda is knowledgeable and professional… And patient…."

Jul 10, 2023


"Linda was the absolute best! She took the time to explain, and re-explain everything. She made us feel good about making this big decision and was always there to listen to our concerns. I can’t thank her enough for helping us through this process."

May 27, 2023


"Working with Linda was AWESOME. Her presentations were very clear, concise, and easy to understand. She was very informative and pleasant and made sure we were getting the best rate and loan for our circumstances. I would do business with Linda in the future and would recommend her to anyone in need of these services. Thanks so much for your assistance Jeralyn Logue"

Mar 14, 2023


"She did a great job teaching us everything we need to know as first time home buyers"

Mar 11, 2023
Linda Bunce headshot
Linda Bunce
Senior Loan Officer
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78 Blanchard Rd, Ste 102, Burlington, MA 01803
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NMLS # 30963

State License #MA-MLO30963, ME, NH