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Justin Dees

Justin Dees

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 448762
222 East Carrillo St, Ste 107, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Dial Phone Number
p: (805) 886-8318
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Loan Product FAQs:
What if I don't have a lot of money for a down payment?
What if I want to buy a house that needs some repairs?
Can I refinance for a better mortgage rate?
Can I take advantage of a cash-out on the equity in my home?
How do I know my rate won't change?
Are there special options to use the equity in my home if I'm 62 or older?
General FAQs:
How do I know the right price for me?
Are there any upfront costs I need to budget for?
How much should I budget for closing costs?
Is getting pre-approved better than being pre-qualified?
How long does it take to receive a loan approval and a closing date?
How does my credit score affect my ability to borrow?
What if I have more questions?
Justin Dees
Justin Dees
Loan Officer
Wondering how much home you can afford? Let’s talk about your next move!
222 East Carrillo St, Ste 107, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
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NMLS # 448762

State License #CA-Temporary Authority