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Justin Dees

Justin Dees

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15 tips for making your Super Bowl Sunday a touchdown

By: Movement Team
February 5, 2024
Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, have only been watching for Taylor Swift or are somewhere in between, chances are you’re either attending or hosting a Super Bowl party this year.


If you’re hosting, it can be stressful to make sure all the food, decorations and setup is just right for your guests to enjoy the big game. Or if you’re a guest, it can be tricky to know how you can help out your host and be a great house guest during the party.

No matter what your role this Sunday is, we’ve got you covered with 15 tips to have the best Super Bowl experience! (Unfortunately, we don’t have one on how to meet Taylor Swift…yet).

10 tips for hosting a fantastic party

Get your TV screens ready

Other than the nacho plate, most of your guests will probably have their eyes on the TV. So it’s important to make sure it's functioning properly. We suggest setting aside some time before guests arrive to double-check that the volume, picture settings and everything else is ready for the big game!

This also might be a great time to upgrade your TV if you’ve been thinking about doing so. We’re not saying you need to go buy a new one (as long as the screen shows the game, it’s Super Bowl-ready), but if you recently moved into a new home or have just been considering something more substantial, it might be the right time!

Also, if you have any other TVs around the house, it might be good to have them show the game, too. This way, there are more options for guests to choose from. (Oh, and don’t forget seating!)

TV-free spaces are also important

While football is usually the main event, not everyone will be glued to the game. Some guests will be there to catch up with friends and family or try out all the game day food everyone brought (no shame in that). Having TV-free areas can let those guests have fun without disrupting the die-hard football fans.

Decide who’s in charge of what food

Just because you’re the host doesn’t mean you have to worry about all the food yourself! Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring food or drinks! Reach out to them ahead of time and figure out who’s going to be in charge of what when the big day comes. This can help take the stress out of planning and make sure there are enough snacks to go around!

You can never go wrong with dips

Need a simple food idea that you know your guests will love? You can never go wrong with dips (with chips, of course). Whether you want something cheesy, savory or spicy, a quick recipe search online can help you select just the right one for your game day spread!

Plan your food setup

We suggest planning ahead for how you’re going to set up the food for the party. Putting together a self-serve bar and buffet can be a smart play so your guests can satisfy their hunger whenever they need to. Placing it near the main TV area can also take away some of the stress of missing the game.

Don’t forget the kids!

If any of your guests plan to bring their kiddos along, you might want to set up an area just for them, too! Maybe using a spare guest room or office as the kid’s hangout can help keep them occupied if they’re not football fans themselves. (P.S. You can never go wrong with Disney Channel or a gaming console).


Have a football/housewarming mash-up

If you recently moved in or haven't felt entirely comfortable enough to host a housewarming party yet, make Super Bowl Sunday your opportunity to show off your new home! Offer to give a tour to your guests if they're not watching the game or just encourage them to take a look around whenever they get the chance. This can be a great way to show your friends and family your new place while making fun memories.

Play some games

Liven up the party with some Super Bowl-related games! Try coming up with (or looking up) some commercial bingo cards that guests can use to stay entertained even during the commercial breaks. Depending on the types of guests you have, you may also want to have some adult games or games for the kiddos planned out for the party. (Oh, and don’t forget the prizes!)

Show your spirit

As the host, don’t be afraid to show your team spirit; we’re sure your guests will love it, too! If you’re worried about being the only one dressing up though, you can encourage your guests to participate by having a team spirit contest or setting out face paint and accessories that guests can use when they come to your home.

Themed decorations

Why not spread the team spirit around the house? Getting some streamers, banners or other decorations can liven up your space and set the mood for a fun party! You can even try to DIY some of the decorations if you’re feeling artsy (but there’s no shame in picking up some decorations from the store). You can even ask some of your friends to help out so you can be all set up for the big game!

5 tips for being a top-notch guest

Dress the part

Plan to wear a team jersey, t-shirt or accessories in your team's colors. Whether you choose to go all out with face paint or keep it simple with a team tee, it never hurts to be repping your favorite team's color. (Plus, we’re sure your host will love the enthusiasm!)

Try not to come empty-handed

It’s always nice to show up to the party with something for the group. Asking the host ahead of time if there’s any food or beverages you can bring could help out a lot. Even just picking up a pack of water or some extra snack plates can definitely keep the party going! (Or even consider flowers or a housewarming gift for the host.)

Tidy up after yourself

When you’re glued to the football game, it can be easy to accumulate a lot of trash. But whether it’s from multiple plates of food or lots of beverages to help with the stress of the game, be sure to clean up after yourself. Taking the time to throw away your trash before you leave can save the host A LOT of time when they’re cleaning up after the party!

Know when to turn down the volume

It’s easy to get sucked into the heat of the game, and while there’s nothing wrong with excitement, be sure you’re considerate of the other guests too. Every football fan has yelled at the TV at least once (right?). But if there are children present or they have close neighbors, it might be nice to turn the volume down a notch. This way, you don’t wake up any sleeping kiddos or accidentally start a feud with the people next door.

Don’t forget the ads

Whether you're a self-proclaimed football fanatic or are just there for the food, chances are you'll still get a kick out of the ads. Most companies seem to go all out for their Super Bowl ads, so it’s probably worth paying attention to those, too. Even if the commercials aren’t your cup of tea, it might be another guest’s favorite part, so be sure to leave the volume up for others to enjoy!

One last thing: HAVE FUN

Our last tip, and probably the most important one, is to have a good time. Don’t let the stress of hosting a Super Bowl party keep you from having a fun Sunday with friends and family; if you’re having a good time, we’re sure your guests are, too. Or if you’re a guest, remember it’s just as important to have fun as it is to be a good house guest.

No matter where you’re spending your Sunday or who you’re cheering for, we hope you have a great Super Bowl!

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Justin Dees
Justin Dees
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