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Joseph Batitto

Joseph Batitto

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 1662002
12225 Amos Lane, Ste 303, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Dial Phone Number
p: (804) 677-0310
f: (540) 623-8459
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trusted by homeowners everywhere

Charmaine B, HOMEBUYER

"Joseph has consistently impressed us with his knowledge and guidance throughout this whole process. He was always available to answer and clarify questions that we had and helped make this process less stressful for us. We couldn’t thank him enough."

Jan 10, 2024


"The back and forth over certain aspects of income in the banking statements was a bit of a pain. I realize it’s not entirely movement mortgage at fault. But I would have preferred to have all of the request information all in one go or as few trips as possible versus the 4-6+ I gave."

Dec 28, 2023


"My agent Joseph Battito Knowledge, experience ,care and communication."

Dec 27, 2023


"From the initial conversation Joseph outlined how he would support my buyers. He layed out an ambitious schedule to close on time. He had my buyers cleared to close several days before closing and he communicated with my buyers, the title company and me frequently. It was truly an outstanding effort making my job a lot easier than usual."

Dec 23, 2023


"Joseph Batitto is an excellent loan officer. Not only did he help my potential buyer, but also answered the myriad of questions her teenage grandson had about the loan process, lending, and qualifying. Joseph patiently explains processes, procedures, and aspects of lending my clients inquired about."

Dec 13, 2023


"As we are this is our first time buying a house. Joseph were helping and patiently explaining eveythings that i need to know. Joseph always answer my quetiongs about the morgage, letters i got from mail, etc in no times. I would recommend him to others especially for people first time bought a house."

Nov 20, 2023


"Joe was patient to provide us details as first-time buyers and was so available when we had any questions. Today i understand the housing market thanks to Joe. Above all he is a great human being. Will recommend Joe any day."

Nov 20, 2023


"Joseph Batitto and his team were very helpful and guided me throughout the entire purchasing process. I will recommend to anyone planing to buy a home."

Nov 17, 2023


"Helped me so much through the loan process. I couldn't recommend him more. "

Nov 16, 2023
Joseph Batitto
Joseph Batitto
Loan Officer
Wondering how much home you can afford? Let’s talk about your next move!
12225 Amos Lane, Ste 303, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
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NMLS # 1662002

State License #FL-LO122866, MD-1662002, TX, VA-MLO-35407VA, WV-LO-1662002