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Chris Martorana

Chris Martorana

Senior Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 33097
78 Blanchard Rd, Ste 102, Burlington, MA 01803
Dial Phone Number
p: (617) 529-3868
f: (877) 898-5075
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trusted by homeowners everywhere


"Chris was an excellent resource throughout the home buying process, he was transparent and upfront about everything involved. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the home buying situation"

Nov 02, 2023


"Chris is a full-service mortgage broker - he tries to make things easy and streamlined to the extent he can impact your mortgage experience. He is OK with my keeping him on speed dial - texting questions and answers throughout the process was helpful and gave me peace of mind - He handled things with the attorney, gave me options related to interest rates and points to make a good decision, and he was able to increase my loan amount at the last minute by $50K that was so helpful for us. We have worked with Chris for almost 20 years and the amount of experience he has and the amount of trust we have in his abilities makes it easy to say that I wouldn't want to work with anyone but him on my mortgage needs."

Jul 06, 2023


"Chris was very helpful during our home search. We had a broad area that we were working with and Chris was always available to talk (nights and weekends) about prices vs taxes for homes in several different cities in MA and NH. On top of all that he is a local guy that was friendly and easy to communicate with. I'm a first time homebuyer and all of that really removed the stress from the mortgage process."

Nov 27, 2022


"Chris was knowledgeable and prompt, got us an amazing rate during a time when rates were rising, but all around had our backs 100% which is exactly what you need when you're buying a house!"

Aug 28, 2022


"Chris is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and fast. Additionally, it was a pleasant experience to communicate with Chris."

Jun 30, 2022


"Chris is very professional and knowledgeable. And he a good guy.give him a"

May 31, 2022


"Chris is extremely knowledgeable, and makes himself available for any question or deadline. It really helped navigate through all the other uncertainties of the process."

Apr 09, 2022


"Docu-sign and secure document upload made our refi much easier than ones we’ve had in the past. Use of desktop underwriting to determine no appraisal was needed made the refi process strictly (mostly digital) paperwork, no massive housecleaning or small projects necessary to fret over for an appraisal."

Feb 20, 2022


"People like Christopher Martorano and Samantha alveraz. Their knowledge, patience, effective communication skills, and professionalism made the process so easy and almost effortless. Was a pleasure."

Feb 15, 2022
Chris Martorana
Chris Martorana
Senior Loan Officer
Wondering how much home you can afford? Let’s talk about your next move!
78 Blanchard Rd, Ste 102, Burlington, MA 01803
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NMLS # 33097

State License #MA-MLO33097, NH