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Barb Zorn

Barb Zorn

Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS ID # 334959
trusted by homeowners everywhere


"Barb was in every way an efficient and very professional loan officer. She made us feel comfortable and assured of everything she was doing in order to get our loan. Overall, our experience with her was great. She actually helped us to finally realized our dream."

Jun 04, 2024


"Barb was super communicative through the entire process. She was super knowledgeable and patient."

Jun 04, 2024


"Barb is so professional, knowledgeable and responsive. She answered my questions any time of day or night. She was always positive and energetic. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family with mortgage needs. Thank you Barb!"

May 15, 2024

Elizabeth B, HOMEBUYER

"Barb was very communicative and supportive even with the silliest of questions. Willing to text, email, call and understands working hours."

Apr 20, 2024


"Barb makes the transaction easy for the customer. Finds the best loan, rates and programs out there for the customer. Pleasantly to work with as she provide updates throughtout the transaction."

Apr 02, 2024


"Barb is the BEST! Her knowledge and experience really saved my sanity throughout this otherwise stressful period. We are immensely grateful to have worked with Barb for not just my first but now my second home purchase!"

Mar 19, 2024


"Barb is always pleasant and professional. My first-time Buyer felt very comfortable utilizing Movement Mortgage after an enlightening and compassionate conversation with Barb. I appreciate the thorough preliminary Buyer approval process and ultra-fast loan approval process. It's great knowing I can present a solid financed offer to other Realtors and their Sellers."

Feb 23, 2024


"Barb Zorn is always great at what she does, but this last transaction was extra Amazing! She got everything done from start to finish, in 2 weeks!! My buyer was extremely pleased since she closed on the last day of the year and now will qualify for Homestead exemption. Barb is always on top of her game and is such a pleasure to work with. Many thanks and I will continue to refer people to her so they too can have an awesome buying experience."

Jan 04, 2024


"Barb was wonderful to work with from beginning to end, and is the best lender I have ever had the chance to work with. Her professionalism, guidance, and communication through the process, made the experience as easy and stress free as it could have possibly been. I will highly recommend Barb to anyone in need of a loan."

Dec 28, 2023
Barb Zorn
Barb Zorn
Loan Officer
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1775 Gatlin Blvd, Ste 103, Port St Lucie, FL 34953
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NMLS # 334959

State License #FL-LO7882