Offering up to 3% as a down payment grant

Showing we care with the Movement Assistance Program

Down payment help for qualified borrowers

If the struggle to save a down payment has stalled your homeownership journey, Movement Mortgage may be able to help. We’re now offering qualifying low-to-moderate income borrowers a custom Movement Assistance Program (M.A.P.) - designed to help make ends meet when it comes to the upfront costs of home buying.

Why? Because we care about putting families in homes, and we know you’ve worked hard to achieve your homeownership dream.

If you qualify, M.A.P. may be able to help you with


Up to 3% of the sales price as a grant that does not need to be repaid


Allowance for seller or other interested party contributions of up to 4% toward closing costs

An excellent mortgage experience PLUS a program to help you reach your homeownership dreams. That’s Movement.

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