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I want to buy a house that needs some repairs.
Renovation Loans
FHA 203(k) Standard or Limited Renovation Loans
Turn a place with potential into the home of your dreams with the FHA 203(k) Standard Rehab Loan. This program provides financing for minor or major upgrades such as foundation repairs, roof work, landscape work and exterior remodeling, with a 203k Limited option for projects under $35,000. The best part of the FHA 203(k) products is that buyers with limited disposable cash can afford both a home purchase and the repairs needed.

Fannie Mae HomeStyle® Renovation Loan
HomeStyle® Need an easy way to renovate, make repairs or improve your home? Or maybe you’re an investor interested in renovation financing. The Fannie Mae HomeStyle® Renovation mortgage includes financing for home improvements in a purchase or refi for homebuyers as well as investors.
I don't have a lot of money for a down payment.
If you’d love to buy a home but lack credit history, a down payment, or are unable to cover closing costs, an FHA loan may be the solution. FHA financing was developed to provide homebuyers with an alternative to conventional financing and include attractive and flexible guidelines.
I am a Military Veteran or am actively serving.
Veterans Affairs (VA) loans have been helping millions of veterans and their families become homeowners since the program’s inception in 1944. VA loans are guaranteed by the federal government and offer eligible borrowers affordable home financing, along with many other benefits.

VA loans are equal opportunity loans for all qualified veterans and military personnel who meet service requirements.
I want to live in a rural area.
This USDA-backed loan offers qualifying low-to-moderate income borrowers the option of no down payment when they buy in a designated rural area. This loan offers 100% financing and flexible guidelines to qualified borrowers. In addition, the seller can contribute up to 6% of the borrower’s closing costs.
I'm a first time home buyer.
Bond Program
Bond Program: Movement Mortgage is a proud supporter of the State mortgage programs that assist first time homebuyers with possible down payment and closing cost assistance.
I need a loan amount above $417,000.
If you’re in the market for a home that requires a loan exceeding the conforming limit in your area, we have several options for you to consider. Movement Mortgage has the backing to offer jumbo loan programs for borrowers who want an amount ranging from $417,001 up to $2,500,000.
How It Works:
Movement Mortgage offers a variety of jumbo loans above $417,000 with low down payment and lower than average interest rates.

I'm 62 or over and don't want a mortgage payment.
Reverse Mortgage
If you are house rich but cash deprived, or want to purchase a different home using the value of your current one, check out our Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan options. HECM and HECM for Purchase is for homeowners 62 or older and can help borrowers be more financially secure, maintain quality of life through retirement or make a new home purchase in a single transaction.