Covid-19 response plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has created difficulties for all of our communities. It's hard to miss the headlines about how making mortgage payments may become difficult for those experiencing a loss of income. That's why our mission to love and value our borrowers is now more important than ever.

To put you and your family in the best possible financial position moving forward, we've gathered some information to help explain what's happening and how you might be affected. We've included a list of frequently asked questions for your immediate reference. You can find both of those items below.

Don't hesitate to reach out. If you are concerned about your ability to make future payments due to this health crisis, please contact us immediately. We have options available to address the temporary setbacks currently affecting so many of us. To get more information about your loan and what options are available for you, reach out by phone, email or via the web. If accessing the website, you will need to create an account using your loan number and zip code.

We appreciate your patience as we help the thousands of borrowers who, like you, are impacted by this pandemic.

Servicing FAQ: Deferring payments and forbearance

During this incredibly difficult time in our country, please know that Movement Mortgage is here to support our borrowers any way that we can. Let us help you understand where to find the current mortgage payment assistance information with each of our servicing partners.

Do I need to make my mortgage payment during this pandemic?

If you are able to make your mortgage payment please do so as failure to make your payments on time could impact your credit rating.

Who qualifies for assistance?

Anyone who is currently experiencing a financial hardship due to the impact of COVID-19 is able to apply for assistance. The assistance being offered with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic is potentially available for those who have lost work, are ill or can’t work due to caring for a sick family member.

Who determines if I am eligible for assistance and what is the assistance available to me?

This determination is made by your loan servicer. There are many options for assistance and this varies depending on your personal situation.

How do I know who services my loan?

You will be able to locate the name and contact information of your mortgage servicer by reviewing your welcome package or recent monthly billing statement sent by your servicer.

How do I contact Movement Servicing?

Please contact us directly by calling 855-979-1084 or or visiting our website: