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First-time homebuyer with no credit? You’re not alone. It can be a stressful situation that sounds like a cyclical curse. I need credit to take on financing, but they won’t approve me for financing without credit. 🤔 The strug. You may be feeling lost asking yourself: Can I get a mortgage with no credit? 


Buckle up – we’re prepared to teach you how you may be able to get a mortgage with no credit history.*


Wait – what do you mean by no credit?

When it comes to home buying and your credit score, there are definitely things you need to know – now

First, you want to make sure you understand what “no credit” really means. “No credit” is sometimes what the common person interprets as little credit, or not-so-great credit. Though more importantly, it actually means when you have no credit history. 


Why is this important? Lenders like to see credit history (especially good credit history) to reassure them that it’s a good idea to lend you money. You’d want the same reassurance if you were lending money, right?


Know which actual categorization you fall into when discussing “no credit” in order to properly plan from there. If you truly have no credit history, chances are you probably fall under the category of a first-time homebuyer. It’s good to know what requirements that entails, the possible assistance options, and what all is needed as a first-time homebuyer. You’d be surprised to know that it doesn’t just mean that it’s your very first time buying a home.

If you’re one of the ones where it’s just that your credit isn’t so great, know there are still options for you as well.


Can I get a mortgage with no credit?



How to get a mortgage with no credit history*

Due to realizing that there are other ways to deem someone credit-worthy without a robust credit history, there are now options to help those prospects. In case you didn’t know, some government home loans have benefits specifically for those who don’t have a history built up. 


NerdWallet suggests that a good on-time payment history can be key to helping you out. So if you have a phone bill, power bill, or even a car loan, make sure you’re paying those on time! Having some sort of record showing that you’ve been paying on-time over a good period of time may be your saving grace when trying to buy a home.


Your best mortgage options with no credit

One of the best, and most popular, mortgage options with no credit is an FHA loan. 


What’s an FHA loan, you may ask? The name comes from the “Federal Housing Administration,” who are the originators of this loan. Because these loans are backed by the government, it reduces the risk to lenders. It has a minimum credit score requirement, and wants you to have at least 2 years of verified employment. So there’s that. But they can usually utilize on-time payment history if you’re lacking credit history. Which is the big win if you’re trying to find your best mortgage option with no credit.


Can I get a mortgage with no credit?



If your “no credit” is really “no good credit”

Just because your credit may not be the best now doesn’t mean you have to be doomed to that score forever. Make sure you look into credit repair tips when you’ve decided you want to buy a home. Do this with enough time to help get you in the best possible position for when you are ready to start that mortgage application.


What do I do now? 🤔

Great! You’re informed. You have your credit affairs in order. But now what?

Can I get a mortgage with no credit?



Just to review

To get a mortgage with no credit:

  1. Know what your current credit history actually looks like
  2. Gather documentation to showcase on-time payment history
  3. See if an FHA loan is the loan option that will best suit you
  4. Speak to your local loan officer to get the mortgage process started


Know that you’re not stuck. Whether your situation is that you truly have no credit, or that your credit is a little wrecked, homeownership can still be your dream. 



Contact a loan officer.


*for eligible borrowers


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