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The holidays are a wonderful, beautiful time. Hopefully, filled with good cheer. Though is it also a time to get a home loan too? If you’ve been considering buying a new home for the holidays, it might be the right time. See what our loan officers have to say.


Q: Should I avoid getting a home loan during the holidays?


A: “While there are normally more homes listed for sale in the spring providing more options to choose from, traditionally the homes that are listed around Christmas are serious motivated sellers who are willing to work with you to try to find a way to make the sale happen. So the best time is when you are ready to buy.”

Marianne Washington, Branch Manager/Loan Officer, Blacksburg, Virginia


“Spring and summer months are definitely the hot selling season which is why I always say YES, buying a home during the holiday season is a great time to buy for the simple reason that there is less competition! Most buyers take the months off from house hunting to celebrate the holidays, attend parties and quite frankly, want to avoid getting out in the inclement weather to look at houses. Another reason I believe it is a good time is the fact that sellers are more motivated and open to negotiation toward the end of the year due to tax purposes, getting children into their new schools after winter break and just looking for a fresh start without the burden of selling their home looming into the new year.”

Christina Lane, Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer, Chattanooga, Tennessee


“The best time of year to buy a home is when you need a home. For every person or family that time is different. The housing inventory is ever changing and there are always options. Don’t wait. I like this quote from Will Rogers ‘Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate & wait’.”

Kim Hankins, Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer, Cornelius, North Carolina


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