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You’ve made it to the closing table, the final step before getting the keys to the home of your dreams. But, are you prepared?

Here’s what you need to bring to the closing table to ensure a confident closing process.

Be prepared for the closing table

Movement loan officer Chad Fleener prepares his borrowers to bring the following to closing:

Driver’s license: This one is obvious. Your driver’s license is another form of identification. We just want to make sure you are who you say you are.

Certified or Cashier’s check: This is to pay for the funds needed to close. We’re talking about closing costs. By the way, the key to being ready for closing costs is to budget for them. Research, calculate and set aside money to pay these inevitable fees. You’ll be glad you did.

If you don’t want to bring a certified check, you can wire the cash to close a couple of days in advance. Either approach will ensure a certified closing.

Personal checkbook: Fleener advises bringing a personal checkbook in case there are any last minute charges added to the closing disclosure. Expect the unexpected and you’ll be prepared for a closing.

A well rested signing hand: When closing day comes, even if your lender offers online docusign, you may still have several physical documents to sign/initial, so be prepared for what could be a timely and repetitive signing. Be patient and after signing all the documents, you’ll have the keys to your new home.

A list of questions: Another tip is to bring a list of questions to the closing. Do you have questions for the sellers about your new home? Write them down and come to the closing prepared to leave no question unanswered. Everyone will appreciate the clear communication.

Now, you’re ready for a successful closing day and to get the keys to your dream home!


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