When Ed Butler attended the first Movement Christmas party in National Sales Leader Daren Pennington’s living room in 2010, he knew little of how influential his role in the company would become.

Butler met Casey Crawford while working at the Keller Williams office in Fort Mill, SC and decided to make the transition to Movement Mortgage because he identified with its God – family – business values. Seven years later, he’s now a top producer with Movement.

From left to right: Catherine Baucom, Ed Butler and Tracey Eller. Photo by Noah Turley

It’s his home away from home. “I love it, it’s family,” he says.

Butler continues to grow in his role at Movement, now as a loan officer and branch manager, but what really makes him a movement of change is his dedication to helping his team flourish.

Like any team, his fluctuates, but not because everyone is leaving the company. In fact, it’s more like the opposite. His former loan officer assistants and fellow loan officers are developing their own career paths at Movement and Butler couldn’t be more proud as they grow.

His current team of three includes himself, Client Coordinator, Catherine Baucom and newly appointed Loan Officer Assistant, Tracey Eller. The team focuses on processes, communication and teamwork to thrive in the mortgage industry.

“He identifies the gifts and character of his team members and positions them to thrive in their natural abilities, and expects nothing less than excellence,” Baucom says. The one-year veteran praises her time on Butler’s team.

“It’s incredible to see how he’s grown as a mortgage lender over the last ten years and how he continues to grow while bringing people under his wing to help them grow and be a master of the trade,” she says.

Butler’s team dynamic reflects that of Movement’s – everyone has a special role to play in each other’s success. Their main goal is to serve others.

The team relishes the fact that Movement helps deliver homes to people day-in and day-out. It is a place they’re proud to wear a name badge for, a place full of real people and real values.

Ed’s team always makes time for fun. Photo by Noah Turley

“We’re passionate about the people we serve and who we partner with. We’re passionate about working with excellence and getting the job done, and we’re passionate about work-life balance and living a greater life,” Baucom says.

In one word, Butler describes his time at Movement to be blessed. He’s blessed with the team that surrounds him, he’s blessed to work in a place where he can make a difference and blessed in his success at Movement.

“We are a symbol of light in a dark world. We are making a difference,” he says.


About the Author:

Jessica Odom

Jessica Odom is a copywriter at Movement Mortgage and contributing author to the Movement Blog. Jessica is renown for her witty repertoire and ability to churn out pithy content. When she’s not regaling colleagues with details of what she plans to cook for dinner each night, she enjoys eating copious amounts of popcorn, working out and serenading the office in all kinds of music, especially '90s hip-hop.