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Debbie Bazen went from being a stay-at-home mother of 15 years to an entry level processor at Movement Mortgage when she was 52, and it all started at a nail salon.

Bazen’s previous work ranges from a job at Bank of America to co-founding a business and ultimately being a stay-at-home mother to her three children.

That is, until she met Kim Villarreal, a Movement human resources manager, at a nail salon. Who knew small talk at a nail salon could turn into a job opportunity? “It was truly a godsend,” Bazen says of the impromptu meeting. Villarreal told her about Movement’s available entry-level positions. That sparked Bazen’s interest and she soon applied.

What struck Bazen was how Movement hired based on character. Her interview wasn’t riddled with questions about her experience, but rather how she could personally be an asset to Movement. She was hired immediately at the National Sales Support Center in Fort Mill, S.C., and started Movement University – an entry-level training program designed to train employees without experience in the financial services industry. 

Its culture of valuing people sold Bazen on Movement. “The culture is how I was raised. I see that in every aspect of every person I meet,” she says.

Working here is like utopia.” – Debbie Bazen

Her favorite memory thus far is from her MU training class. Her class competed in lip sync skits and her group reenacted Spice Girls lip syncing “Wannabe.” She remembers that day because, as she was enjoying a fun exercise with new team members, she was also going through a divorce and selling her home of 20 years. The overwhelming support from her newfound friends helped her through it.

“To come here and have that camaraderie right off the bat is huge,” Bazen says.

She adds that it is not common in corporate America to work in an environment where the company prides itself on valuing its employees. For her, working at Movement is like working with her family and best friends. “There’s no place like Movement. I can’t remember how many referral letters I’ve completed. Working here is like utopia,” Bazen says.

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